Lifestyles S-Cape TM

Lifestyles S-Cape TM
Item# legplat-scape

Product Description

Lifestyles Adjustable Bed

* Enjoy luxurious comfort that redefines what a bed should be. * Fits into most headboards and footboards. Fits over most bed frames. * PowerLift™ Operating System designed to accommodate increased weight capacity and ultra premium mattresses. * 3 height adjustments to accommodate most case goods. Other height options are available. * One touch programmable position feature that brings you to your favorite position and massage level. * Two variable speed therapeutic body massagers relax tired muscles head to foot in "wave" motion. * See-in-the-dark backlit remote handwand with one-touch "flat" position button. * Head and foot elevates and lowers. * Wireless handwand. * Twin wheel locking casters for easy mobility when needed. * Headboard brackets included. * Mechanism and electronics UL listed.


Wallhugger® engineering keeps your bedside table within easy reach...even with the head of the bed elevated.

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